Augmented World Expo Announces Partnership With Digi-Capital [Updated]

The Augmented World Expo (AWE) announced earlier this week that they are partnering with Digi-Capital, an analytics firm and global adviser and provider of XR industry intelligence. AWE of course provide events focusing on virtual, augmented and mixed reality (VR/AR/MR) which all fall into the umbrella term of XR. This new partnership gives the XR industry a new level of access to leaders and products combined with data, survey analysis and regional reports.


This means that AWE attendees will gain access to select Digi-Capital material such as analytics and reports to help drive XR innovation initiatives, spur corporate and VC investment, along with helping new startups go to market. Part of the partnership also includes Digi-Captial having a survey program offering unique access to AWE’s industry “brain trust”. This partnership will see people across the XR industry able to benefit from a range of services and information, helping to making it a better place all-round.

Additionally, the partnership will also see Digi-Capital founder and managing direct, Tim Merel, headlining AWE events, providing the State of the Union keynotes and sharing live, global and regional XR analytics. He will first be presenting at the upcoming AWE Europe 2018 conference and expo.

Elsewhere, AWE also announced that the AWE Europe 2018 conference would be returning to Munich this year and is co-locating with ISMAR, the IEEE International Symposium on AR and MR to deliver the industry’s most comprehensive showcase of XR innovation to help bridge the gap between scientific ideation to market commercialization.


“Since my first ISMAR in 2008 where I was introduced to the promise of AR to change our lives, it was my dream to bring together the research and commercial sectors of the AR Industry. This year, by co-locating AWE and ISMAR in Munich we achieve this goal; the cross-pollination between research and industry will manifest itself in deeper understanding of the current research as well as what’s required to support XR adoption in the industry. ” said Ori Inbar, co-founder and executive producer of AWE. “At no other event can you see the products available today combined with the critical-ingredient science inspiring the technology of tomorrow–for an interconnected vision of the road ahead for XR.”

AWE Europe 2018 is planned to take place on October 18th-19 in Munich, Germany at the MOC Exhibition Center. It will see over 2,000 attendees, 100 speakers and 100 exhibitors come together to share their love and knowledge of all things XR.

Tickers are currently on sale starting at €149.00 (Euro) for a one day pass going up to €1,295.00 for a two day all access pass and ISMAR combo pack. More details on tickets and availability can be found here and for more news on AWE in the future, keep reading VRFocus.

Update: There is a AWE/Digi-Capital Global XR survey which can be filled out for a chance to win four AWE VIP tickets (US, Europe, China, Tel Avivi) and the AR/VR Analytics Platform along with the free survey report. Those interested in winning can complete the survey here and more details can be found here.