Augmented Reality Job Search with CareerBuilder

Trying to find a new job tends to be a stressful and miserable experience. While a number of apps, websites and resources offer various tools to aid in the process, CareerBuilder claims to offer something unique to make it stand out amidst its competitors – augmented reality (AR).

The central idea behind the CareerBuilder AR job search is that users can point the app at a building and find out what jobs and salaries are available there.

While this feature would seem to be of limited utility, it could be useful for finding jobs in your local area. Job websites have developed something of a reputation for being imprecise about location data – such as a user search for jobs in Glasgow and being presented with jobs in Birmingham or Bristol. It also means that job hunters could get some exercise while searching for a new career – like playing Pokemon Go, only hunting jobs instead of Pokemon.

CareerBuilder is also offering an AI-based resume builder, which allows users to build a comprehensive resume with only a few taps. The app can also automatically apply to new positions in selected companies, to save you from repeated searches.

The company behind the app plans to add new features in future updates, such as the ability to earn points for certain actions, such as referring friends. It’s unknown exactly what those earned points will equate to, however.

The app can also do targeted job searches on specific map locations, or find ‘net-step’ jobs which offer a higher pay grade without needing extra qualifications or training.

The CareerBuilder app appears to mostly cater towards the US job market, and it is not currently clear if other regions are supported.

The app is currently available for free on Apple App Store for iOS 10.0 or higher. An Android version of the app is in the works. For future coverage of new AR apps and services, keep checking back with VRFocus.