Augment The Playground To Create New Experiences With Biba

Visiting the playground with your kids can be a fun time. Of course, as you visit the same playground multiple times the amount of fun that everyone has will start to lower. What if you could change up the playground experience using a mobile application and the power of augmented reality (AR)? Well, that is just what Biba is hoping to do thanks to its suite of mobile games that are specifically designed to work within the equipment found in any neighborhood playground, and now thanks to AR that experience is about to get even more enhanced.


Biba works by users downloading the mobile app onto any compatible smartphone or tablet. This then gives them access to a number of different virtual scavenger hunts, obstacle courses, treasure maps and other types of games. The user, most likely a parent, then holds the device and the child runs back and forth to interact with the videogame and character that appear on the screen. AR markers are attached to playground equipment such as slides, swings or the monkey bars, and function like QR codes to unlock new content, activate mini-games and more when scanned by the parent.

You may already have heard of Biba thanks to their recent work on the AR videogame for Hotel Transylvania. This makes the team at Biba one of the first to bring Portal AR experiences to the playground in a way that transforms the world into an interactive environment. Thanks to the power of AR technology the only limit of this application is the imagination as it is able to power countless different types of games across a wide variety of genres.


Biba believes that playgrounds are the next frontier for AR experiences are so far have proven that it is possible to take these real-world locations and augment them in new ways to enhance the play that children get out of them. This solution is also able to promote physical and social activity and engage along with health living by encouraging children to play outside.

As Biba continue to build new experiences that augment the playground, VRFocus will be sure to bring you all the latest.