Arizona Sunshine – LB VR Edition Sees Light of Day at Euro Attractions Show

Since it was first launched back in 2016, Vertigo Games’ zombie-shooting title Arizona Sunshine has won fans across the world, becoming one of the most popular virtual reality (VR) titles. Now the company is bringing the title to the arcades, and visitors at the Euro Attractions Show (EAS) in Amsterdam will get a first look at the new location-based version.

Location-based VR centres have been growing massively in popularity, with new centres popping up all over the world. Arizona Sunshine – LB VR Edition feeds into this rising demand by offering an untethered, free-roaming multiplayer version of the zombie apocalypse experience.

Players will be able to move freely around a large arena space, enabled by full-body tracking. A wide range of virtual weaponry is available, so players will be able to choose their own custom layout to take out the zombies that infest the landscape.

The location-based version of Arizona Sunshine has been designed for play areas of a minimum 7m x 7m, up to 10m x 10m, though the designers say even larger area may be possible on a case-by-case basis. The experience has been built to run on a turn-key VR set-up that makes installation simple of VR location staff, with support for all VR ecosystems and peripherals.

Arizona Sunshine – LB VR Edition can run on either HTC Vive or HTC Vive Pro with Steam VR tracking, or alternatively, it can be presented on Oculs Rift with OptiTrack tracking.

The Vertigo Games team will be demonstrating the system at the Euro Attractions Show in Amsterdam, an event designed for leisure and attractions industry professionals, where over 11,000 professionals from the amusement industry will be present, including investors, operators and suppliers.

Arizona Sunshine – LB VR Edition will be demonstrated at EAS Booth 7-126, from 25th-27th September, 2018. Further information on EAS can be found on the official IAAPA website.

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