Arena Multiplayer Echo Combat Receives Official Launch Date

The last few months have seen Ready at Dawn hold several beta weekends for its upcoming multiplayer Echo Combat. The third title in the series after Lone Echo and Echo Arena, today at Oculus Connect 5 the studio has unveiled a new map, gameplay mode, the next beta and when Echo Combat’s official launch date.

Echo Combat

Firstly the new content. Ready at Dawn is releasing a new map, Combustion, featuring a new mode, Capture Point. Instead of a moving objective this time two teams of three players will fight to capture a central point on the map. Once captured the team can move freely throughout the map and the point will remain in their control. While they now have the freedom to attack the enemy team the point holders need to make sure they don’t lose it. Each match is best of three rounds, first team to win two rounds wins the match.

The new mode and map will be available to test in Echo Combat’s latest open beta which begins today. It’ll run through until this Sunday, 29th September. As with the previous beta’s signing up and participation is free, all you need to do is download Echo VR from the Oculus Store.

Lastly is the official release date which isn’t too far away. Echo Combat will launch on 15th November featuring both the
Combustion Capture Point map and the Fission Payload map. Ready at Dawn have also teased that additional content will be available for the November release.

Echo Combat

While the beta is free to join the final product won’t be, with Ready at Dawn pricing Echo Combat at $9.99 USD.

Earlier this month the studio began its fourth beta weekend which saw the Echo Combat Party patch. This allowed players to form parties with their mates for the first time. As further details on Echo Combat are released VRFocus will let you know.