ARCO AR Toy Car Launches Kickstarter

There has always been a certain level of appeal when it comes to driving around a remote-controlled car around, challenging yourself to navigate a complex course that might consist of milk bottles and cereal packets. ARCO by Team Hicat suggests a way that uses augmented reality (AR) to ensure the milk bottles can stay in the fridge.

Team Hicat have launched a Kickstarter campaign which aims to raise $50,000 (USD) to create ARCO, which the company describes as a fully immersive AR gaming and learning experience.

ARCO is a small toy car which also has an AR app which allows the user to point a smartphone at the car to bring an AR game to life. Users can then pilot the car around, seeing a virtual environment, characters and scenes.

The AR app can work with AR glasses so users can properly immerse themselves into the AR scene. There are a series of stories available which involve the exploration of an alien planet, including solving puzzles and battling enemies or coding games in different terrain types.

The AR technology is built on top of Apple’s ARKt or Google ARCore and uses object recognition and 3D object tracking technology to allow the AR videogame scenes to come to life right on the living room carpet.

Funding tiers range from $79 for the Early Bird ARCO kit, which includes the ARCO Rover robot, ARCO App, AR Glasses and USB Type-C cable. Higher tiers include $179 for two AR Kits, or $359 for four kits, which equates to 45% off the retail price.

If the Kickstarter campaign is successful, the creators hope to begin shipping of the ARCO kits by February 2019. Further information can be found on the Kickstarter page.

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