A Surreal Trip Into the Afterlife With VR Experience The Doom Room

It seems that Brighton has become something of a cultural centre for immersive technology experiences, as Danish collective Makropol have brought its latest virtual reality (VR) experience to The Old Market theatre in Brighton for two exclusive days of performances.

The Doom Room is described by creators TOMtech and Makropol as a ‘boundary-defying live VR experience’. VR technology is combined with live performances to create a strange, surreal and sometimes disturbing work.

Audiences members enter the experience wearing a blindfold and from there embark on a guided meditation that is designed to bring them to the afterlife. From there, immersive technology blends into the performances as the Oracle welcomes to audience. The audience is invited to take the role of a hunter as they travel through a range of emotions and environments designed to evoke strong emotions.

The Doom Room experience is available for six people at a time, with sessions lasting 45 minutes, with sessions running 12 times per day.

Those wishing to book tickets are advised that the performance is extreme in nature and some may find it disturbing. The Doom Room contains elements of the following:

  • Violence
  • Death, including suicide
  • Blood and organs
  • Dead animals
  • Underwater submersion
  • Sharks
  • Body contact
  • Heat
  • Heights
  • Unknown fluid consumption
  • Nudity
  • Strobe lights

A trailer for the VR experience can also be found on The Old Market twitter account. Please be warned that the trailer contains flashing lights.

The Doom Room performances will be on 20th September, 2018 and 30th September, 2018. Further information and tickets can be found on The Old Market website. Standard tickets costs £15 (GBP).

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