A Field Guide To Surviving VR Bullet Hell – Evasion

The release of Archiact Interactive’s new virtual reality (VR) title on PlayStation VR, Evasion, is coming very soon. In anticipation of the release, the PlayStation Blog has delivered a guide on how best to survive the fast-paced action of the VR first-person shooter.

Evasion is a VR sci-fi shooter which can be played either solo or as co-operative multiplayer. Players can choose from one of four classes, each having its own weapons, abilities and strengths to match a variety of play styles.

Evasion PS VR - Co-op battle - GIF

The Blog details a number of tips on how players can make the most of the gameplay of Evasion. The first tip calls to mind the name of the videogame, as it says simply ‘Move or die’ as standing still is a recipe for being mown down.

It also warns that the Optera, the enemies of the title, are relentless are will come at players from all angles, so getting to cover is a vital part of surviving. Keeping an eye on your blaster is also important, as the blaster has three energy levels, with max level obviously having the most punch so keeping blaster power at max as much as possible is a winning tactic.

Sound is also important, as some enemies are sneaky and tend to be heard before they are seen, so a good pair of headphones or speakers is a good idea for keeping an ear out. Players are equipped with a Tether, which can be used for a variety of uses, such as healing teammates and performing class-specific buffs.

Each hero has its own special attack, known as the Surge Attack. This can be activated when the player’s health and energy level are at maximum. Learning when to unleash this devastating attack is an important step towards victory.

Evasion - PSVR Screenshot

Evasion will be coming to PlayStation VR on 9th October. The launch trailer is available to view below. For future coverage of Evasion and other upcoming VR titles, keep checking back with VRFocus.