8th Wall Announces Solution for AR Web Browsing

AR company offers way to interact with AR content on mobile web browser free from markers or additional apps.

Thanks to things such as WebVR, and other virtual reality (VR) web browsers, seeing VR when browsing has become less uncommon. What still remains rare is augmented reality (AR) when web browsing, particularly on a mobile device. AR company 8th Wall believes that it can change that, with its AR content solution for mobile web browsers.

Usually, when engaging with AR experiences on the web, an eternal code or image marker is needed to be present in the user’s physical environment, such as a QR code. 8th Wall Web has been created with the aim of allowing users a seamless interactive AR experience on a website, without need for external markers or a separate app.

Using 8th Wall Web will allow various industries such as e-commerce, advertising, gaming and entertainment to reach a market of an estimated 3.2 billion users by utilising their mobile web browsers to make AR content more accessible.

“AR transforms the way people can use the web, whether it’s taking a closer look at a product on an ecommerce site, interacting with immersive branded content or being guided through a recipe with AR in the comfort of your own kitchen,” said Erik Murphy-Chutorian, founder and CEO at 8th Wall. “However, app installation is currently a major barrier to AR mobile adoption; 87% of smartphone users in the U.S. download no more than one app in a given month. 8th Wall Web extends the reach and impact of developers’ AR features and creates a tremendous opportunity for them to reach customers on a scale that would not otherwise be possible.”

8th Wall Web uses standards-compliant JavaScript and WebGL, along with a complete implementation of 8th Wall’s custom Simultaneous Localization and Mapping (SLAM) engine, which has been optimised for mobile web AR content.

8th Wall Web will be made available to selected brand partners from 12th September. Further information can be found on the 8th Wall website. For future coverage on developments in AR, keep checking back with VRFocus.

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