WorldViz Launched Upgraded VR Development Platform

As the technology that powers virtual reality (VR) develops, the tools that developers use to create content need to keep pace with those changes. Recognising this, VR solutions company WorldViz have launched the newest version of its Python-based VR development platform, Vizard 6.

Vizard has been designed as a development environment aimed at scientific-grade VR. It has seen use in university and business settings where it is utilised to build complex simulations that can be displayed in VR headsets and CAVE systems.

The Vizard system can connect to a variety of input and output sources, including head or hand trackers, haptic feedback systems, motion capture devices or specialised biophysical sensors such as EEGs or EKGs. WorldViz say that the embedded Python interface makes it easy-to-use so users don’t need extensive computer programming knowledge in order to get started.

“Vizard continues to show that there is a growing need for VR development tools that target professional audiences with specific research and business needs – needs for which game engines aren’t always the best option,” said Andrew Beall, CEO of WorldViz. “For example, Vizard lets users take advantage of open source Python libraries that are widely used by the research community, and supports a range of hardware peripherals and tracking tools that aren’t needed in the games and entertainment world. With Vizard 6, we have focused our attention on hardware and graphics, which were the two most requested areas of our audience.”

Vizard 6 now supports Windows Mixed Reality devices along with a number of new peripherals, such as the Manus VR Gloves and Tobii eye-tracking hardware. This hardware support is added to the support already available for HTC Vive and Oculus Rift as well as the more than 150 peripherals and sensors already supported by the platform.

Further information on Vizard 6 and other VR products can be found on the WorldViz website. Future coverage of new and updated VR products and services will be here on VRFocus.