Wacom To Hold Creators’ Conference At SIGGRAPH 2018 To Showcase New VR And MR Developments

Wacom, the company known for their innovative digital pen experience products, have revealed that it will be using SIGGRAPH 2018 as a backdrop for a number of virtual reality (VR) and mixed reality (MR) discussions. As part of the Wacom Creators’ Conference, developers, designers, animators, and members of the editorial community are all invited to an evening presentation and forum spotlighting the companies concept to leverage immersive technology for creative work.


The conference will be kicked off by Wacom CEO, Nobu Ide, followed by presentations and demonstrations by representatives from Wacom and Gravity Sketch, developers of the leading VR and 3D design software. They are working closely with Wacom on input solutions for VR content creation. Those attending the conference will also be treated to a live demonstration of the Wacom-Gravity Sketch proof of concept product featuring the talented Jama Jurabaev, Senior Concept Artist at Lucasfilm, to show how VR will enhance the design workflow. Once the presentation and demonstration is complete, attendees will be able to try the proof of content for themselves and provide feedback.

The discussion about how to best integrate VR and MR technology into improved design workflows is driven by the automotive, movie and gaming industries, with many important talks already well underway. “Being a technology leader in the field of instruments for professional design, we are positioning the company to be a leader in VR for artists and designers,” says Nobu Ide, CEO of Wacom.


The partnership between Wacom and Gravity Sketch is proving to have been a good choice as both parties are keen to develop new solutions for creative VR and MR application. Alongside pushing the boundaries of current offerings to help push the industry forward. “The main purpose of the conference is to learn,” says Hiroshi Tamano, Wacom’s Senior Vice President of Partnership Development 3D/VR. “We need to collect as much feedback as possible from our potential users so that the final product meets the needs of the ever-changing design landscape.”

The Wacom Creators’ Conference is still to take place on Tuesday, August 14th from 4PM to 7pm – local time – at the Star Sapphire ballroom in the Fairmont Pacific Rim hotel, which is across the street from the Vancouver Convention Centre West Building. Details on how to gain an space at the conference can be found here.

VRFocus will be sure to bring you all the latest from SIGGRAPH 2018 and the Wacom Creators’ Conference so stay tuned for more.