VRFocus Go Hands On With Mario Kart Arcade GP VR In Newest Vlog

You may recall that earlier this month the VRFocus team went off to get hands on with the new virtual reality (VR) title Mario Kart Arcade GP VR that has opened at VR ZONE Portal London. Originally a Japanese exclusive, the famous racing videogame has made it’s jump to UK thanks to HTC, the VR ZONE Portal London team and Namco Bandai in Japan. During their visit to the attraction before its public opening, VRFocus’ Editor Kevin Joyce and Nina Solomons recorded a short vlog about their trip.

Mario Kart Arcade GP VR screenshot

Located at the O2 in London, guests will be able to take a seat in their own kart before putting on a HTC Vive head mounted-display (HMD) – with support for the HTC Vive Pro coming soon – along with the HTC Vive Trackers placed on their hands, and then get right into the thrilling fun of Mario Kart. The experience is only one track but it covers a number of different locations that are sure to get any Mario fan excited along with offering a colourful display to all users.

“Everyone has come out with a massive smile on their face.” Said Graham Wheeler, VP Sales, Product and Operations HTC Vive, Europe, when asked how the response to the experience has been in our recent interview: “We sent some of our office here when I came back from a business trip and literally the entire office just didn’t stop talking about it. So it just shows that even though we’ve been in VR a lot it’s a great kind of company to be in and VR experiences but this is just really immersive level people know Mario Kart, everyone has played it so they just naturally go into it so even the skeptics love Mario Kart VR.”

Mario Kart Arcade GP VR screenshot

The team note in their vlog that though the title is not a full Mario Kart experience – and features a high entry price – it is an enjoyable VR title that is worth checking out. In his full hands-on, VRFocus’ Editor Kevin Joyce noted: “Essentially, Mario Kart Arcade GP VR could never be everything to everyone, and so the development team has opted for a light-hearted and enjoyable – if forgettable – adaptation of a beloved franchise into VR. Fans of Mario Kart will certainly enjoy a flirt with the experience but are unlikely to become too involved, and so too are those who may have purchased one-or-two of the home videogames but never found themselves wishing for a recreation of their favourite Mario Kart 64 track.”

The full vlog can be seen below which offers a better idea of what to expect from the experience. Mario Kart Arcade GP VR is now open in London at the VR ZONE Portal London at the O2. For more on the title in the future keep reading VRFocus.