The Opening Dual Of The Yu-Gi-Oh! World Championship Was Brought To Life By AR

With the raise in popularity of virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) we have seen a number of different projects try to bring the popular Yu-Gi-Oh! franchise to life with this immersive technology. Now, Konami have showcased just how impressive the power of AR is when used with their popular collectible card game (CCG) during the Yu-Gi-Oh! World Championships in Chiba City, Japan earlier this month.

Yu-Gi-Oh! AR

As reported by comicbook.com, the event was started with an impressive demonstration of how AR technology can be used to bring the popular CCG to life. By leveraging giant projection the viewers of the Yu-Gi-Oh! World Championships were treated to a stunning display of their favourite cards being brought to life right before them on the stage. Now, the visually impressive dual has been made available to watch in full on the events official YouTube channel and is included below.

To make the dual even more entertaining for viewers, the duelists who took to the stage event dressed in outlandish outfits that were fitting to the style of the characters seen in the Anime and Manga of Yu-Gi-Oh!. Once more, they even play all of their cards in similar manners as well to further make it seem as though the characters from the show had come to life on stage. The event was also live-streamed on Twitch and drew a large number of viewers which has sure to see an increased interest in the CCG following the impressive display.

Yu-Gi-Oh! AR

The AR dual did not only showcase models of the cards being played but also included animations for each card and effect that were played. The projectors did not just focus on the table where the dual was taking place and even displayed the AR characters and animations around the event venue as well, further adding to the excitement of the dual.

As mentioned earlier, the Yu-Gi-Oh! CCG has been brought to life in VR before thanks to a fan-made project along with another project bringing it to life on Microsoft Hololens as well in AR. Now, with Konami doing an official showcase of the technology during a large event it could mean that the company will leverage it more in the future as well. VRFocus will be sure to keep you up to date on all the latest from Konami in the future so make sure to stay tuned for more. You can view the dual in full below.