The German Film Academy Develop A New AR Solution For Collaborative Film Making

A new augmented reality (AR) tool that allows for a holistic approach for collaboration while on film sets is currently in development by the research and development department at the German Film Academy. Entitled Virtual Production Editing Tools (VPET), the application offers an all-in-one solution for onset editing within a virtual production environment allowing for improved functionality.


VPET is a tablet based application that is designed to run on mobile and head-mounted devices allowing for easy access to operators without dedicated training. Users are able to edit assets during a virtual shoot and synchronize changes with the filming pipeline. VPET is also able to communicate through a network interface to other applications and clients to ensure a robust work flow and allow for live editing of object, light and animation parameters.

In a short video released on their official YouTube channel – which you can view below – the VPET application is shown in action on a set that has been created as full 3D model and partly in a studio environment. Using the application, users can sync up the real-world set with the digital one to see the complete shot in a virtual recreation. This allows them to have a better understanding of the full environment before then planning out shots, camera positions, transitions, edits and more all within an virtual scene.


The application also allows for basic key-frame animation of objects enabling staff members to visualise shots for filming within a virtual recreation of the set. Thanks to the freedom that comes from AR technology, users are able to walk around the virtual set and access angles that they might not be able able to normally with the usual camera equipment. The lightweight solution of a mobile device or tablet within a caddie will empower the user and offer new creative options within the filming industry.

The VPET application is being developed in an open-source environment meaning the project files and source code are available to download over on GitHub for anyone to look at, review and edit as they see fit. VRFocus will be sure to bring you all the latest on the VPET application in the future so stay tuned for updates.