Subaru Looks To VR And AR To Offer New Immersive Showroom Experiences

Immersive technology has been helping the automobile industry reach new heights for sometime now as companies continue to embrace the emerging technology. Thanks to virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) experiences, costumers are able to get closer to products like never before which is proving to be of great benefit. Now, Motor Image the distributor of Subaru in a number of Asian markets is turning to immersive technologies to help build new showroom experiences.

Image courtesy of autoindustriya.com

As reported by autoindustriya, there is a growing concern around the amount of space available at showrooms to display every model of car along with not being able to feature every colour option. Because of this, Subaru are going to leverage VR and AR technology to allow customers at these showrooms to be able to experience each model of their product range along with the available colour options too.

Motor Image showcased this new technology during the launch of the new generation of Subaru Forester. The VR component of the experience, as mentioned by autoindustriya, involves the user wearing a headset to become completely immersive within a particular Subaru model. The user is then able to peruse the features of the car and has access to a complete 360-degree view around the outside and inside of the vehicle, all within a highly detailed virtual recreation of the selected model.

Mr. Glenn Tan
Image courtesy of autoindustriya.com

“We’re working on how to localize it for our smaller regional dealers,” said Mr. Glenn Tan, Managing Director of Tan Chong International, the parent company of Motor Image. “We are full speed ahead to do this. This is not just a demo.”

Furthermore, the VR showcase also has the capabilities to demonstrate the EyeSight driver assist system which in included within some Subaru models. This feature allows a car to make use of smart technology for such as detection and emergency braking which can be safely shown to the user within the virtual environment.

As for the AR part of the experience, users will be able to see each colour option and other variants of all the models that Motor Image offer with a number a different customized options per region. This will ensure that costumers not only get to see a few models in person, enjoy a VR tour of their preferred vehicle and then see each colour and feature available within AR. All of this comes together to offer a unique shopping experience.

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