StarVR Are Teasing A New Headset To Be Revealed Next Week

StarVR Corporation, the joint venture between Swedish virtual reality (VR) content company Starbreeze and computer hardware manufacturer Acer, have started teasing a new announcement ahead of next week’s SIGGRAPH 2018. The company design and make high-end VR headsets that are designed for out-of-home use in locations such as VR arcades and attractions. With the new tease though, it seems their could be a new model on the way.

StarVR’s website is currently a full-screen silhouette of a headset with the worlds “We made something for you” writing around the screen. The date of August 14th, 2018 is display and “@SIGGRAPH” which points towards the announcement being revealed during the conference next week.

With their headsets featuring an ultra wide field of view and high resolutions, StarVR has made a name for themselves by aiming to deliver only the very best experience possible. The new announcement could be a new model of headset or an update on the current offering. One speculation could be that perhaps the company are preparing to announce a home model of their headset which would offer the same impressive specifications but is able to be powered, and used, within a home environments.

StarVR Siggraph Teaser

The SIGGRAPH 2018 conference is of course a showcase of inter-disciplinary education and technology that features the latest in computer graphics and interactive techniques, including VR and augmented reality (AR) titles and experiences. With a number of big names set to attend the conference this year including the links of Epic Games with their Unreal Engine and Disney Animation Studios. The conference will be packed with plenty of exciting titles, products and announcements. What StarVR are planning to announce will likely have a strong present at the conference and could even be available for hands-on experiences. Time will tell.

StarVR recently started trading on the Taiwan Emerging Stocks Board back in April of this year. Issuing 3.11% of the companies total 48,218,000 shares up for trading. This follows a $5 million (USD) investment last year from Acer which saw their interest raise to 67% which then fell due to the stock listing. Starbreeze still hold stable 33% in StarVR.

The SIGGRAPH 2018 conference is taking place from August 12th through to August 16th at the Vancouver Convention Centre. VRFocus will be sure to bring you all the latest from the event including the upcoming announcement from StarVR.