Spatial Announces Kickstarter For New Mixed Reality Tabletop Gaming Experience

Spatial, the mixed reality (MR) gaming company known for making face-to-face entertainment by means of holographic projection have announced that they will be launching a Kickstarter campaign to help fund a new gaming platform. Called Spatial Games, the product aims to bring MR gaming along with physical objects to the mass consumer market in a fun and interesting way.

Spatial Games

Spatial believe that the gaming market is overflowing with massive, anonymous content that for many gamers is growing tiresome. This is why they have developed this is platform which aims to satisfy the inclination for people to play analog games around the table but enrich them by leveraging the latest technology. This results in a product that merges the piece play of a tabletop game with the graphics and mechanics of mobile games resulting in an MR experience.

By using a mobile device to display information and handle game logic, the Spatial Games platform then uses holographic technology to allow for multiple people to play together at the same time. By integrating the physical pieces, the platform is able to bring new life to tabletop gaming in a way that is exciting. The product also has a built in joypad meaning players are able to control holographic characters in a similar  manner to that of videogaming experiences. This also means that there is no need to worry about using an external controller as the option is already there for the games that the platform will include.

Spatial Games

The Spatial Games product will not require a headset and will come with five MR games included at launch with additional games available for purchase on the Google Play and Apple App stores. All the physical game pieces are included meaning players can start spawning holographic monsters and characters right away and it will be compatible with most stand mobile devices for both Android and iOS. The unit will be priced at $60 (USD) at launch.

The Kickstarter campaign will be going live in just under two weeks on August 14th, 2018 and run for 30 days. During this time those looking to support the Spatial Games platform can do so by backing the campaign. A short video is available to watch below to learn more about the product and for all the latest on Spatial, keep reading VRFocus.