South African Wine Brand Launches Augmented Reality App

Since augmented reality (AR) has started to gain in popularity, a number of companies and brands have begun to use its capabilities to engage with customers and audiences. A South African wine brand called Mensa has launched an AR app that creates a virtual story.

Mensa Wine was launched by Overhex Wines International, and the AR app is designed to create a virtual storybook that is activated from the label on each of the bottles of wine. The app was created on a tight budget.

The app scans the label and brings it to life, revealing a hidden story. This is tied in to the founding Overhex family and its love of books and reading, and the storybook was designed to be reminiscent of something that would be read next to a roaring fire, or from a comfortable chair on a sunny day.

“These unique aspects of our new Mensa range set it apart from other wines and fit in with our vision of being an innovative, technologically advanced wine brand that is in line with international trends,” says Gerhard van der Wath, owner and managing director of Overhex Wines International.

Overhex Wines aim to provide wines that are affordable and accessible to all, and the AR app has been created as part of an effort to reach a wider audience. It’s wines are available directly from the Overhex Winery & Bistro, or can be bought from the online shop.

The Mensa Wine app is available from the app App Store and Google Play Store and is free to download. The company hopes that this app will provide a unique form of interaction with the wine brand.

Users can access a tutorial on how to use the app and how to scan and read the virtual books available through the wine labels. Future coverage on new and innovative AR content will be here on VRFocus.