Slanted Door Art Gallery Launches VR Tour

A number of museums and art galleries have turned to virtual reality (VR) to draw in new audiences who might otherwise be unable to view the exhibits and to provide additional information about the items on display. The Slanted Door Art Gallery, Cafe and Lounge is taking this a step further by also adding in e-commerce.

Slanted Door Art Gallery has worked with VR company VusionVR to create an interactive 360-degree virtual tour that not only allows users to examine art pieces in detail, but also lets users purchase them via their web browser.

The gallery is inviting art lovers from all over the world to explore the virtual tour and get a new perspective on the art scene of Toronto, Canada and have the opportunity to buy a unique art piece.

Slanted Door and VusionVR say that the experience has been designed to be simple and user friendly. Users only need to visit the Slanted Door official website and navigate to the virtual tour. The virtual tour contains ‘hot spots’ which can be clicked on to show information about the painting they are attached to, and will also produce a ‘Buy Now’ link which will take users to the work’s unique page.

The gallery says that its aim is to help emerging talent in the Toronto area gain exposure and give them the ability to sell their pieces. The virtual tour forms part of this by expanding the audience for Slanted Door art gallery and enabling collectors and art fans around the world to purchase art produced in Toronto.

While a number of retailers have already created augmented reality (AR) apps for customers to explore items for sale before purchase, but so far few have done the same with VR.

Immersive technology represents a new frontier for many businesses to connect with customers and audiences, and many new apps and services are likely to be the result. VRFocus will keep you informed on new developments in this area.