Research Company SuperData Comments on Magic Leap Launch

One of the biggest immersive technology news stories of this week was the launch of the long-anticipated mixed reality (MR) headset, the Magic Leap One. Research company SuperData has long held an interest in augmented reality (AR) and MR technologies such as the Magic Leap, so has released an initial commentary on the Magic Leap One and what impact the launch could have on the wider immersive technology industry.

Early this year, SuperData released a report into the Future of XR (Cross Reality) which covered Mixed Reality along with AR and virtual reality (VR), here the firm noted that investment in AR and MR had pulled ahead of VR for the first time.

SuperData continues to believe that MR will be a huge driver for immersive technology, though is also of the opinion that there is still some distance to travel and much development to be done before MR can be considered mainstream, with barriers in place in terms of both price and quality of the experience.

VP of XR and Strategy at SuperData Research, Stephanie Llamas said: “Magic Leap’s secrecy has made people very skeptical, so expectations are astronomical. The tech seems high value and promising, but not far enough from Hololens to assuage concerns that it was over-hyped. This could hurt their ability to draw in developers who would create content that will attract consumers. And with a price point above $2K, it’s clear the product won’t be cost friendly to consumers for a long time.”

Research by SuperData indicates that by 2021, MR headset technology will drive over $9 Billion (USD) in consumer revenue, which is am impressive amount until you consider that by that preiod, VR is forecast for $15.5 Billion.

Llamas further adds: “One thing Magic Leap has on their side is public partnerships with the likes of Disney, the NBA and Sigur Ros. If they can deliver on those, AAAs may be more likely to see potential for themselves on the platform. But as we’ve seen with VR, AAAs are still hesitant to jump onboard with immersive tech. Magic Leap’s dev kit price, delayed release and secretive reputation could still hold developers back as they remain concerned about consumer accessibility and reception.”

Magic Leap One Lightwear 2

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