Protect the Sharks on Krikey and Conservation International’s new AR Game

If you happened to have missed it recently the Discovery Channel held its annual Shark Week event focused on these often misunderstood aquatic creatures. Continuing the theme augmented reality (AR) app Krikey in collaboration with Conservation International have created a new AR title aimed at helping these underwater animals.

Krikey AR Shark

Krikey’s AR shark experience is all about protecting these magnificent beasts from the influx of pollution that invades their  habitats, mostly plastics, by removing as much as possible.

To win, you must slice away ghost nets and tap plastic bags to clean the ocean and protect the shark. When the shark runs into nets and eats plastic bags, its health will deteriorate, but steering the shark toward fish will build its strength. The AR title can be played in both single-player or multiplayer modes.

In effort to further educate users, at the end of each game a fun fact about wildlife conservation appears on the screen and includes topics such as ghost nets, sharks, ocean pollution and more.

Krikey AR Shark

This isn’t the first time Conservation International has utilised immersive technology to highlight the plight for certain regions of the world or their inhabitants. Under The Canopy was a journey through the Amazon rainforest created in conjunction with Jaunt, highlighting the plight of deforestation in the region. The second film was My Africa which was captured at the Namunyak Wildlife Conservancy in Samburu County of northern Kenya at the Reteti Elephant Sanctuary.

The Krikey app can be downloaded now for iOS devices through the Apple app store. For any further conservation projects using AR, keep reading VRFocus.