Pixvana Open-Sources its VR Video Streaming SDK

It'll allow third-parties to incorporate Pixvana’s cloud-services and VR video streaming technology into their own solutions.

Pixvana is a company focused on immersive media and XR storytelling by way of its SPIN Play platform. Today, it has  announced the open-sourcing of its software development kit (SDK) for third-parties to use. 

Pixvana VRCasting image1

Pixvana’s SPIN Play SDK is an Apache 2.0 open-source-licensed library which can facilitate the addition of high-quality VR video playback, dynamic controls, and cross-platform VR support for developers to plug into their Unity applications. Cloud-based CMS supports advanced data flows for media companies and users can upload from existing cloud storage and export to custom or public endpoints.

“Application builders needed a drag-and-drop solution to add 360-degree and 180-degree VR video to their Unity based applications for Virtual, Augmented, or Mixed Reality apps,” said Beverly Vessella, Product Manager at Pixvana in a statement. “By opening up our valuable, cloud-based VR plug-in to the community, we hope to accelerate the adoption and innovation of VR and AR applications.”

The SPIN Play platform includes features like Field of View Adaptive Streaming (FOVAS) and VR-native playback projections. One of the newest additions to its feature set is an overlay option uses an Oculus Compositor Layer to deliver high-quality 60fps video for fully immersive 360 degree with monoscopic content.

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As for examples of Pixvana’s technology in action, earlier this year CNN used the SPIN Play SDK to deliver the CNNVR App for Oculus, giving users access to breaking news and original stories produced in a 360-degree format. Using the Pixvana SDK, the app met “fast startup” requirements, immediately delivering content tuned for high quality within seconds of a viewer selecting any CNNVR video.

“Pixvana partnered with our development team to customize the content pipeline and enable our editors in New York to get the highest quality content into the CNNVR app as quickly and as seamlessly as possible,” said Jason Farkas, Vice President at CNN.

Download the SPIN Play SDK here, and for further updates from Pixvana, keep reading VRFocus.

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