PicsArt Showcase Their New AR Live Sticker Camera Feature At KCON 2018

Users can now make Live Stickers of themselves and friends to use in live environments.

The creative platform for social media storytelling, PicsArt, has launched a beta version of its new augmented reality (AR) camera experience. This new camera feature, dubbed “Live Stickers“, allows users to produce multiple animated stickers of themselves or friends, and place them in “live” environments before sharing them with the world through social media platforms.

PicsArt Logo

The launch of this new feature has taken place at KCON, the k-pop convention held at Los Angeles Convention Center and Staples Center where more than 100,000 k-pop fans are in attendance. As the official media partner for KCON 2018 LA, PicsArt saw this as the ideal time and location to launch their new AR camera feature into their PicsArt iOS app.

By leveraging the power of Apple’s ARKit 2, PicsArt are one of the first companies to take advantage of the new features within this release and bring it to their own app. Live Stickers, which also incorporates PicsArt’s leading-edge artificial intelligence (AI), is the first in a series of features that will use the new AR Camera Technology that Apple has developed to bring more unique experiences to k-pop fans and PicsArt users.

PicsArt AR

“We’re very excited to showcase this ‘remix’ of two awesome technologies at KCON,” said Hovhannes Avoyan, CEO and founder of PicsArt. “K-pop fans are passionate early adopters and love to discover and share new, immersive experiences, especially if it allows them to uniquely interact with their idols and fellow fans. Our introduction of animated stickers is a homage to fans everywhere who want to tell their stories in fun, creative ways.”

Used by more than 100 million users each month, PicsArt is a mobile-first creative platform designed for editing and sharing social media stories, with the premiere of Live Stickers at KCON being part of a larger partnership with KCON USA. The partnership also includes the global k-pop fan-art challenge which is taking advantage of the huge popularity of k-pop on the platform. There are already over 10,000 images of k-pop bands who are performing at the conference posted to the platform generating a stunning number of organic impressions reaching into the millions.

The PicsArt Live Stickers feature is able now in beta on iOS and a short video demonstrating the feature can be seen below. VRFocus will be sure to bring you all the latest from PicsArt in the future so stay tuned for more.

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