New VR Film Brings The Warsaw Uprising Back To Life

A new virtual reality (VR) experience at the Kordegarda gallery in Warsaw will give visitors the chance to gain an immersive insight into the events that took place seventy-four years ago, where Polish insurgents launch an uprising against the Nazis. This experience was funded by the culture ministry and filmed over the space of two years before being revealed on the eve of the anniversary of the Warsaw uprising.

Napoleon Square, Warsaw, 1947, photo Edward Falkowski

The new experience is fifteen minutes long and will put viewers amid the ruins of 1944 Warsaw and includes insurgents who speak to the viewer as if they were one of them, suffering a severe head injury, as well as a German soldier who dances with a Polish prisoner before shooting them dead.

“We no longer have to ask ourselves what we would have done had we been there,” said the film’s creator Tomasz Dobosz. “We feel like we’re actually there at that time, which enables a sensitive viewer to experience the decisions he would have made… to hide or fight alongside the heroes,” he said to NDTV.

The film is fictional but refers to a real event involving the insurgent Wladyslaw Sieroszewski, who was shot by the Germans in the heart but thanks to the bullet being blocked by his wallet, he survived. This wallet also contained a letter from his daughter.

Warsaw Uprising

The Warsaw uprising lasted for 63-days after fighting broke out on August 1, 1944 and saw around 50,000 young men and women take up arms against the Nazi Germans occupying the capital. The fighting would end with the Nazis killing nearly 200,000 insurgents and civilians with little of the city left standing, with the rest being razed on the orders of Adolf Hitler.

The aim of the film is to help educate those who visit the gallery to better understand the events that took place all those years ago while capturing the true horror of conflict. VRFocus will be sure to bring you all the latest on any further VR experiences at the Kordegarda gallery along with all things VR in the future. Make sure to keep reading to stay up to date.