New Screenshots And GIFs Show Population: ONE In Action

Recently a new battle royale videogame was revealed for virtual reality (VR) players in the foam of Population: ONE. Like other titles in the genre, players will find themselves dropping into an expansive, one square kilometer map in which they will need to fight, explore and look in order to be the last surviving player. Now, following its reveal a number of new screenshots and GIFs have been released showing off more of this immersive title.

Population: ONE features a range of different gameplay options for players to range war against eachother with, including a unique motion system titled FreeMotion. This has been described by the developers as a system that offers comfort while allowing players to run, climb, or even fly anywhere within VR without any discomfort.

Players will be able to climb structures within the environment to help get a better lay of the land and gain tactical advantages as the combat rages on. If players are looking to travel long distances then there are a number of options including jetpack-like devices and even build their own structures in the style of other titles. All of this is delivered in an realistic visual style that will immerse players within the thrill of the fight. Some of the newly released images and GIFs below will provide an idea of how the action within Population: ONE will play out.

Population One - Screenshot

On top of that, Population: ONE is aiming to deliver a unique first-person shooter (FPS) experience by offering cross-play between HTC Vive, Oculus Rift and Windows Mixed Reality device.

VRFocus’ Senior Staff Writer Peter Graham previewed Population: ONE at Gamescom 2018 saying: “At present any VR fans who find themselves torn away from their headsets to play Fortnite but long for some immersive battle royale action should now pay attention to Population: ONE. It didn’t seem like a videogame that was still in development, it felt solid, looked great, and could very well draw in the VR masses for some epic fire fights.”

Population: ONE is currently in development but VRFocus will be sure to bring you all the latest news and updates on the title in the future, so stay tuned for more. You can see the gallery of images below.