Mercedes-Benz Are Embracing Microsoft HoloLens At Their Global Training Center

The mixed reality headset is sparking a new vision for training.

Twenty-three years ago Ralf Krieger and Walter Bauch had a chance meeting at the Mercedes-Benz Global Training center in Stuttgart, Germany. Both had come to prepare for new roles as company coaches and struck up a conversation that would see the two working together to lead the company into embracing immersive technology for training. Now, having equipped the training center with more than 100 HoloLens units, the two have taken to a Microsoft blog post to talk about about their vision of training at Mercedes-Benz.

Mercedes Benz HoloLens

At the Mercedes-Benz Global Training center they teach service employees the latest in vehicle repair techniques while leading sales professionals through features of the newest models. The use of Microsoft HoloLens allows the center to offer faster and more engaging training sessions while keeping costs down at the same time. Participants wear the mixed reality (MR) headset to be able to view 3D digital models of vehicles and their internal parts, offering a full view of the complicated fixes on transmissions, brake assemblies and other components.

One of the tactics that Mercedes-Benz use however to encourage more people to get trained is that it is never too late to discover modern technology. Bauch himself talks about how he was given his first smart phone by his son two years ago, with the challenge of learning the technology and using social media. This event has then been a key source of inspiration for Bauch who was excited with the development.

Mercedes Benz HoloLens

“People come in and hear my story,” says Bauch, 51. “They realize: Here is this guy who never used a smart phone until two years ago and now he is using HoloLens in his job. People do not believe it. This is the signal we send out to our visitors: It’s not the age of the user that matters. This device is for people of all ages. Our oldest participant was 89. He attended with his 60-year-old son. I will never forget what he told us: ‘I wish I’d had this technology when I was young and handsome.’”

The Mercedes-Benz Global Training center educates employees worldwide in management, products, branding and sales with a network spanning 800 trainers working across 150 locations in 120 countries. The duo say that Microsoft HoloLens has injected an unprecedented level of transparency into their process. The introduction of MR technology into the training has motivated employees to try out the new technologies to improve their training and jobs, leading to improved engagement.

“One of our participants, a sales professional, told us that HoloLens would allow him to need only one car in his showroom,” Krieger says. “He envisioned using HoloLens in a way that his customers could touch the physical car but also see, through mixed reality, how that same model would look if they wanted different components.”

As the Mercedes-Benz Global Training center continues to embrace the technology and looks towards the future of new ways to immerse their students in their training. VRFocus will be sure to bring you all the latest.

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