Megaton Rainfall Available Now on Oculus Rift

Though it is a fantasy for many people, the realities of being a superhero would come with a number of critical drawbacks. This is the essential point of virtual reality (VR) title Megaton Rainfall, which puts the player in control of a mighty, indestructible hero facing an alien invasion.

Megaton Rainfall has been described as a labour of love by lead developer Alfonso del Cerro of independent Spanish studio Pentadimensional Games. The title is a deconstruction of superhero powers, and the damage that ca be caused while trying to do good.

megaton rainfall 1

In Megaton Rainfall, the player controls a powerful, almost indestructible superhero who is tasked with fending off an alien invasion. However, every action you take has consequences, with your super strength power blasts and superhuman speed causing collateral damage, which could lead to the destruction of the city you are trying to save.

The title has previously been made available on the PlayStation VR, but the Oculus Rift release adds some improvements, such as upping the framerate to 90fps, among other tweaks.

“Along with the PC VR release, we’ve added gesture controls, so you can now fly and shoot energy blasts by doing superhero moves with Touch,” says del Cerro. “We also added a Free Roam mode that’s unlocked when you finish the main game.”

A health bar for the city has also been added, to give players a better idea of the level of damage they are causing. “Also, letting the player kill thousands of civilians without consequences would give us bad karma,” del Cerro adds. “That’s not the kind of game that we wanted to create.”

A special achievement is available for those players who manage to find a way around the immortality of their player character.

Megaton Rainfall is available on the Oculus Store priced at £10.99 (GBP). For future coverage of new or updated VR titles, keep checking back with VRFocus.