Life In 360°: To Protest A President

Life In 360° exists to give you a look at all the ways 360 degree video is being used around the world. But, of course, we live in a very divided world, one so much different from five years ago.

Both sides of the Atlantic currently see two allies with their peoples very much split down political lines. Not just that but there are division in race, division in religion, division in age and in some cases gender. In the U.S there is the 45th President of the United States – quite possibly the most divisive President of all time, certainly of the modern era of politics.

Life In 360° / 360 Degree VideoHere in the UK we have our issues, namely the polarising one of Brexit which will at some point relatively soon see us depart the European Union. A decision that will affect the future of our own union, the United Kingdom. Scotland was very much against the move (62% voted to stay) and leaving causes all sorts of issues in both parts of Ireland. The Republic of Ireland stays in Europe, whilst Northern Ireland leaves. For countries that have worked so hard to build on the peace achieved over the last 20 years having an actual border between the two – as it would have to be between Europe and ‘outside’ of Europe would be a significant issue. (There are no border crossings between Scotland, England and Wales for those who don’t know.)

In July 2018 the two situations somewhat mixed as President Donald Trump made his first official visit to the UK. To say people weren’t happy would be something of an understatement, while the government was keen to roll out the red carpet there is a difference between a ‘state visit’ and a ‘working visit’ of a foreign leader in general. This in particular angered the populous who, to be blunt, aren’t exactly fond of Trump anyway. A YouGov poll taken last month tracks it that 77% have a “unfavourable” view of him. July came and so did the people, in droves, to protest.

UK and USAThere were some counter protesters there to show their support, oh yes there were, but they were utterly dwarfed by nearly 250,000 protesters who marched, mortified by the President’s visit, though you’ll probably most remember the big kerfuffle over the giant inflatable. This video by Reality Media covers the protest.

Now I should warn you that if you have the belief that Brits are all cups of tea and manners… sorry, no. When it comes to protesting especially we’ll come at you without reserve, utilising a mix of blunt force abuse as well as our trademark cutting wit. So, expect more than the odd rude word overheard and even more on the signs.

You can see that below.

Now, I know that this is bound to have people in a fluster because heaven help us feature something that’s anti-Trump in any way. So, for a degree of balance I’m also adding in a link to something that’s also in 360 degrees and is as pro-Trump as they come – one of his own rallies, recorded in Minnesota a couple of months back. You can find it here.

As an additional note, to prevent the possibility of the comments section turning into a battleground all comments on this page are in pre-moderation from the outset. I’d like to think it’s not neccessary, but I also think it’s a sensible decision.

Wednesday on Li360 we’ll have something very different indeed. I’ll see you then.