Life In 360°: A Chocolatey Zen Break

Later this year – unless something comes along to REALLY mess with things (and it better not) – I’m hoping to go out to Japan and take a long needed vacation. Seeing the sights, enjoying the culture, and in what is an entirely unintended side-effect, apparently I’m going to be going to a disgraceful number of theme parks. I don’t even like rollercoasters, so goodness knows why this is happening – but it is.

One of the things that I am inevitably going to be asked to bring back though are… KitKats.

Life In 360° / 360 Degree VideoIf you’ve ever worked for a company that has a Japanese office or staff that regularly take meetings in Japan you’ll like as not know all about Japan’s seemingly never-ending array of quirky KitKat flavours. The odd one has occasionally made its way westwards as a novelty but the majority are strictly Asia-only. The one that most people are familiar with is the green tea flavoured one, its a flavour that shouldn’t surprise those of you who have been to the country as you can get pretty much green tea flavoured anything there.

Well, earlier this year the company brought the “Matcha Green Tea KitKat” to Canada of all places and for the campaign brought a short 360 degree video inviting you to take a “360° Zen Break” in a Japanese garden complete with a yoga practitioner, appropriately themed soundtrack and a gardener raking patterns into the stones. Just don’t look down – the “headless watcher” perspective is in full effect, which gets even more freaky when he… I mean, you, eat.

I apologise if you want chocolate after this – but at least it’s the weekend soon. Speaking of which, please be sure that you check out VRFocus throughout the weekend as there’s still lots to talk about involving virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR) and everything in between.