Korea’s Redrover To Debut Buddy VR Film At The Venice International Film Festival

Korean animation studio Redrover have announced a new interactive virtual reality (VR) film that will be shown at the 75th Venice International Film Festival as part of the VR Competition Section. The film, titled Buddy VR, is the first Korean animation VR film to be invited to the competition section of any of the three major international film festivals, making it a key milestone for Redrover and the local industry.

Buddy VR

By leveraging the immersive power of VR, Buddy VR will explore the feeling of closeness all while being a spin off from the global hit animated film The Nut Job. It is the only Asian film to be selected for the competition out of eleven total entries within the interactive section. Buddy VR is Asia’s first and Korea’s only animated VR film with interactive storytelling, showcasing the immersive technology of the median alongside combining the intellectual property of the The Nut Job.

Though in the feature film the character of Buddy is a sidekick, they are taking center stage in this VR experience. The main character within the film will be that of the viewer themselves, being more than a mere audience member. The viewer will have the chance to interact with the film and take a lead role helping to drive the film forward.

Taking place in universe of the The Nut Job, the viewer will meet Buddy in a vendor’s stall in Liberty Land and need to break the ice by communicating with them in order to build a friendship with this character. Thanks to it’s interactive nature, the flow of the story can change and the runtime of the film is also able to change though its average length is around sixteen minutes long.

Buddy VR will be officially screened during the upcoming Venice International Film Festival, which runs from August 29th to September 8th. The festival is one of the largest three international film festivals, joining the Cannes International Film Festival and the Berlin International Film Festival. The VR section at the Venice International Film Festival was created last year and continues to select and award top VR projects from around the world, with Buddy VR being one of those invited to the competition.

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