HTC Announce The Release Date And Pre-Orders For Their Vive Wireless Adapter

Continuing with the news from Gamescom 2018, HTC Vive have announced that their upcoming HTC Vive Wireless Adapter will soon become available to pre-order. This unit allows users to free themselves from the cables that tether back to their PC all while maintaining the performance required for premium virtual reality (VR) experiences on both the HTC Vive and Vive Pro.

Vive Pro and Vive Wireless Adapter

“Since the launch of Vive, we have been figuring out how to bring a wireless experience to premium VR and it has also been a request from our consumers and enterprise customers,” said Paul Brown, GM Vive Europe. “We’ve listened to this feedback and are proud to collaborate with our talented partners, Intel and DisplayLink to deliver the Vive Wireless Adapter. Combining high quality, low latency and ease of use, the adapter delivers on our promise of premium wireless VR.”

The Vive Wireless Adapter will be retailing for £299 (GBP) and is compatible with both the HTC Vive and Vive Pro head-mounted displays (HMDs). Users who have the Vive pro however will need an additional compatibility pack which includes a unique connection cable along with foam padding and an attachment device unique for the HMD. This extra pack will retail for an additional £65.

To set up the Vive Wireless Adapter, users only need a few minutes to set it up as they install a PCI-e card and attach a sensor that wil broadcast the signal to and from the newly wireless Vive HMDs. The adapter has a broadcast range of six meters with a 150 degree field-of-view from the sensor and runs in the interference-free 60 GHz band using Intel’s WiGig specification which is combined with DisplayLink’s XR codec to ensure a low latency, high performance result with hours of battery life.

Vive Wireless Adapter

“I congratulate HTC and we are excited to see a flagship device and new user experience enabled by Gigabit, low-latency wireless,” said Dr. Cormac S.G. Conroy, Corporate Vice President and General Manager, Intel Communication and Devices Group. “In building this mmWave solution, we had our eyes on the demands of VR and leveraged our deep 5G wireless experience. We understood the performance needs of VR and the gaming and enterprise markets. We can’t wait for everyone to bring what we’ve been working on into their homes and into their VR arcades.”

Pre-orders for the Vive Wireless Adapter will start on September 5th, 2018 with a release date of September 24th, 2018 and for customers in the UK it will be available from Overclockers, Scan and Vive.com. As an added extra to celebrate the launch, all Vive Wireless Adapter purchases will also include a two-month trial to Viveport Subscription.

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