Hollywood Director Partners with Insta360 To Democratise Content Creation

Though 360-degree video is becoming increasingly popular as a way to become involved with virtual reality (VR) content creation, for many the cost of equipment and accompanying software still keeps it out of reach. Renowned Hollywood director Roland Emmerich is seeking to address this by partnering with Insta360 to create a social platform that will democratise 360-degree content creation.

Roland Emmerich is known for his work as a director of Hollywood blockbusters such as Independence Day, Stargate and Godzilla. The director is working with Insta360 to invite content creators to join a special Beta program for a newly launched 360-degree social platform.

Emmerich, along with his partner Marco Weber have announced a strategic partnership between their company, Vrenetic and its social platform for 360-degree content Vresh and 360-degree camera makers Insta360.

The two companies are attempting to expand the availability of 360-degree cameras to allow a broader range of content creators to become involve with the medium.

Insta360 cameras will be co-marketed with Vresh, which is described as a social media app for a community of 360-degree content creators, influencers, world travellers and visual storytellers. The app is currently in Beta and is accepting applications from content creators and early adopters.

Vresh can be used to broadcast 360-degree video in 4K quality to others, or save a 360-degree video for later viewing on-demand or even conduct a private 360-degree video call. All this is said to be possible without any specific technical experience.

“Video revolutionized the Internet and 360-degree content is posed to be the next big category in video,” said Milton Fang, SVP of Marketing & Strategy at Vrenetic. “The entire Vresh team is extremely excited and proud to be developing the next Instagram for sharing experiences in fully immersive 360-degree video.”

Vresh is planned to be available worldwide in Q1 of 2019. For further coverage Vresh and other upcoming VR and 360-degree project, keep checking back with VRFocus.