GIPHY Announces Launch of New VR GIF Creation App – GIPHY World

The moving GIF has become ubiquitous on the internet, used as part of a conversation online to emphasise a point, or for humorous effect or just to capture a memorable moment from a TV show or film. GIPHY thinks the GIF can be more than that, and believes the moving GIF has a place as an artistic medium. GIPHY are integrating this idea with virtual reality (VR) and the freedom of motion controllers to create GIPHY World.

GIPHY World VR was inspired by the augmented reality (AR) version of the app, which was already available on smartphones. The company says the new VR experience lets users transform a landscape with animated stickers and GIFs.

Animated AR stickers are becoming increasingly popular, as shown by recent efforts from the likes of Snapchat and Facebook. There are also an increasing number of apps and experiences that tap into the creativity of users to allow them to create VR art. GIPHY World is seeking to combine the two, as well as build a community among users.

Users of GIPHY World will be given a range of tools designed to be intuitive and also allow for creativity. Users can select from several environments that can act as both canvas and backdrop for their creative endeavours. These include a deserted island, a chess room and a spooky cabin in the woods.

The app has been built on top of the GIPHY API in order to supply users with a large variety of GIFs for users to experiment with. The available GIFs have gone through a moderation process to ensure they are suitable for all ages.

Once users are happy with their creative efforts, a digital assistant within the VR experience can be used to record a personalised GIF, which can then be shared on the GIPHY World Channel website for all the internet to see and share.

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