Experience Classic Arcade Action In VR With SlipDrive

Now and again a videogame comes around that offers players the chance to experience the classic arcade action of title released in the 90’s. That is where SlipDrive comes in, a new virtual reality (VR) title from the team at Kinsei Games. This simple but fast based title invites players to put their reflexes to the test as they navigate their way through a number of challenging level.


Players take up the role of a pilot for the UEA who during an experimental slipstream drive test finds themselves transported to uncharted space due to a malfunction. Now they need to find a way through the new, uncharted sector of space to build up enough power in the slipstream drive to open up a new window that will hopefully take them back to Earth.

With five unique worlds to overcome, each with their own design and structures to avoid, players will need to put their reflexes to the test in order to navigate carefully through this gauntlet. As the slipstream drive picks up energy, the speed of the ship will as well. Keep your cool and go for the fastest time and beat your personal best before taking your score online and competing with the world.


SlipDrive also offers stunning 4K visuals with full VR support for both the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift. As mentioned the title features global leaderboards meaning players can really push their skills to the limit thanks to the unique control scheme. On top of all that is a soundtrack that will bring back memories of playing videogames down at the local arcade all while getting your heart rate going.

If that is not enough then why not jump into the endless challenge mode where you will keep going until you fail all while the speed increases and the music blasts. If you are looking for the true arcade action from the 90’s then perhaps this is very well the title for you. You can view the trailer for SlipDrive below.

SlipDrive is available now on Steam for £3.19 (GBP) as a launch discount until August 24th, 2018 when the price will return to the regularly £3.99. It supports both VR and non-VR play. For more on SlipDrive in the future, keep reading VRFocus.