Cyclists Get Benefit of AR Technology with Raptor AR Smartglasses

Augmented reality (AR) technology has seen a surge in popularity recently. The technology has become popular for various entertainment applications, as well as in business and industry, but it also has some useful applications in the leisure and fitness sector, as demonstrated by the newly released Raptor AR smartglasses.

The Raptor AR Smartglasses are designed specifically for wearing while cycling, and are a product from a company called Everysight, which has begun distributing the devices for testing and review prior to their commercial release.

While devices such as cycling apps for smartphones are dedicated ‘cycling computers’ have been available for some time, those have a disadvantage in that cyclists need to move their attention from the road to look at them, something which is not an issue with AR smartglasses.

The Raptor AR Smartglasses have built in GPS/GLONASS along with the Raptor navigation system, which works similarly to AR navigation of smartphones, indicating upcoming turn-offs using AR indicators.

Users can also keep track of other data such as heart rate, cadence, speed, power or distance, which can be shown as part of the AR overlay. The Raptor AR Smartglasses are currently undergoing testing by triathlon experts 220 Triathlon to see how they perform in a competitive setting.

The manufacturers say that the AR overlay offers a safety advantage since data is right there in front of a rider’s eyes in a way that won’t distract attention or force the user to take their eyes off he road or hands away from the handlebars.

The smartglasses can also be configured to play music or receive phone calls without covering the ears. The information captured by the device can by synced with several smartphone fitness apps and shared via social media.

The device is set to cost £749 (GBP), which while cheaper than many other AR smartglasses on the market, still puts it out of reach of many casual users and firmly in the realm of enthusiasts and professionals.

Further information on the Raptor AR can be found on the Everysight website. As usual, VRFocus will keep you updated on new and upcoming VR and AR hardware and software.