Crowded Cloud and MetaPipe Create A Decentralised AR Platform

Though many people aspire to become creators or performers in film or television, the reality is that only a tiny fraction of those who strive in pursuit of their art will ever receive success and recognition. Crowded Cloud and MetaPipe are aiming to change this, and to bring augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) content to a wider audience.

Crowded Cloud is a decentralised network that is aiming to bring transparency and openness to to the business of filmmaking, funding and productions. MetaPipe is a company known for its work on visual effects, cloud computing and production pipelines.

The aim of the partnership between these two companies is to allow everyone all stages and types of content production, including art directors, investors and screenwriters to approve and promote small-scale independent works, as well as convert existing media into AR or VR content.

“At its heart, Crowded Cloud is built on the harmonization of automated image processing and traditional computer visual effects with blockchain technology. We will give the global workforce the platform to develop and promote new projects,” says Javier Benavente, founder of Crowded Cloud. “Alongside MetaPipe’s cutting-edge technologies and insightful team, we stand to disrupt the entertainment industry for the better. MetaPipe will allow us to scale our production pipelines to meet increasing demand for high-quality AR and VR content.”

“We are thrilled to launch a joint development effort with Crowded Cloud to plan for and integrate MetaPipe cloud visual effects orchestration tools within Crowded Cloud’s digital studio ecosystem,” says Aaron Estrada, CEO of MetaPipe.

“The future of technology and industry disruption lies in blockchain. Crowded Cloud wants to be part of the story to make a Marvel-like ending within as easy reach to television and film industry upstarts as to the established players,” says Benavente.

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