Create That VR Game You’ve Always Wanted With the new Unreal Engine Online Learning platform

Ever played a videogame and thought you could do better (especially when it comes to virtual reality (VR))? Well for budding videogame designers it’s even easier nowadays to start having a go at home thanks to software like Unreal Engine being free to use. But that doesn’t necessarily mean you can create the next Robo Recall at the drop of a hat, there’s a lot of learning involved and to ease that process Epic Games has just launched its Unreal Engine Online Learning platform.


Once again completely free to use, the Unreal Engine Online Learning platform has been designed as the new home for Epic Games’ video tutorials, with the content split into four main tracks: Game Development, Architecture, Industrial Design, Media and Entertainment.

These are then further split down into various job roles such as Architect, Game Designer, Industrial Designer, Developer/Programmer and more. Within each of these segments the classes are further broken down into ‘Getting Started’ and ‘Master Level’ so you know where to begin depending on previous experience.

While the tutorials cover a wide breath of development on Unreal Engine – and still very useful for VR creators – Epic Games does have one class dedicated to VR walkthroughs. Designed entirely around those getting started, there are 18 videos totaling just over an hour and 30 minutes of content. The course covers everything from basic VR theory, through to user interfaces, locomotion, and of course the VR Editor itself.

Unreal Engine Online Learning

The launch of the Unreal Engine Online Learning platform follows on from the release of Unreal Engine 4.20 in July. While the new version featured hundreds of updates and plenty of new features, most notable for AR developers was added support for Apple’s ARKit 2.0 and Google ARCore 1.2. Plus there was full support for the Magic Leap One: Creator Edition.

So now there’s no excuse to start dabbling in a little videogame design right away, and VRFocus will of course keep you updated on the latest Unreal Engine news.