Competition: Take A Look Inside Yourself, Win A Virtuali-Tee & Book Combo From Curiscope

Before everything really kicks off next week with Gamescom, and after everything has finally died down from SIGGRAPH we’ve just time enough to start another competition here at VRFocus. Last week was all about complicated interior workings with GNOG.This week things are pretty similar, if only for the fact that the puzzle is how you yourself work.

Virtuali-TeeEver since they launched their Kickstarter back in 2016, UK-based creators Curiscope have (true to their name) been bringing curiosities to immersive technology, with their most well-known item being the Virtuali-Tee. A t-shirt, that, with the aid of an augmented reality (AR) app allows you “see” inside the person wearing it. It’s not just a novelty, it’s something that is very much geared towards education. Something the company has also looked at with virtual reality (VR) authoring a book on the subejct for children: All About Virtual Reality: Including 5 Amazing VR Experiences.

“A groundbreaking children’s book that explains everything you need to know about virtual reality including how we see in 3D, how a VR world is created, how VR works on a smartphone, how VR can feel real and even who uses VR.” Says the blurb on Amazon. “Includes a make-it-yourself VR viewer that can be used with a smartphone to experience the wonders of VR.”

In celebration of their most recent addition to Virtuali-Tee – a heart-rate tracking feature – we’re giving you the change to win both.

Regular readers will know the way this works: it’s a prize draw and entry is made via interaction our social media accounts and the Gleam app below. If you are already a follower of us on Twitter then you can use that fact to gain one entry to the draw – or you can follow us there and then and do so.  Don’t follow us on YouTube yet? The same applies. Visiting our Facebook, Google+ or Instagram accounts will also secure an entry for each, and while you don’t have to like or follow us on any of those to get an entry…. why not and stay completely up to date with everything related to immersive technology,

The competition will be open a week. Beginning today and ending at midnight UK time on August 24th, 2018. The draw will be made shortly thereafter. Please note: We’ll then contact the winner for their details (including what t-shirt size they’d like) which we’ll then pass over Curiscope so they can send you your prizes.

You can find the app below. Best of luck.

Win A Virtuali-Tee – Augmented Reality T-Shirt And Companion Book