Code51: Mecha Arena Out Now for HTC Vive and Oculus Rift

Mech combat titles are really starting to come into their own in virtual reality (VR), thanks to recent additions like Archangel: Hellfire for example. One title that US PlayStation VR owners have been enjoying for several months is Smellyriver’s  Code51: Mech Arena. Fans of the title will be pleased to know that from today, not only will European PlayStation VR owners be able to join in, so will HTC Vive and Oculus Rift players.

Code 51

A purely seated experience designed to mimic being sat inside a giant mech Code51: Mecha Arena provides both single-player and multi-player modes – although the main focus is on the multiplayer side.

The story takes place in the not too distant future where World War III has decimated the planet and new factions have formed around a new energy source which can power giant mechanised machines. These are used to fight over the precious resources that are left, unfortunately bringing mankind ever closer to a new conflict.

As the names implies Code51: Mecha Arena is an arena style combat experience with gameplay viewed entirely from the mech cockpit. Designed to offer a comfortable experience for all, developer Smellyriver has included nine different types of mech to choose from, each with two skills to alter gameplay. Additionally, mechs can be armed with a selection of ten different weapons, from mini-guns to rocket launchers.

Code 51

Todays launch sees Smellyriver also include a day one patch adding improvements to the original title including turning and speed optimisations to make the combat more seamless. And for the first time there’s cross-play support between all three headsets, opening up the multi-player matches to a greater number of opponents.

To mark the Steam launch players can make use of a limited time discount knocking 20 percent off Code51: Mecha Arena.  Until 4th September the title will retail for £12.39 GBP rather than £15.49. Keep reading VRFocus as we’ll have a review for Code51: Mecha Arena coming soon.