AR Basketball Title Comes to Apple App Store

There are a number of areas where immersive technology and sports intersect. One of these is in virtual reality (VR) videogames, but with augmented reality (AR) rising in popularity, some new AR titles are appearing which combine sport gameplay with AR technology, such as the soon-to-be-launched title Big Shot Basketball.

Big Shot Basketball was developed by ePlay Digital, which has announced that it has just completed beta testing of Big Shot Basketball, which was conducted with the assistance of NBA champion Robert Horry and his youth basketball team.

Beta testing was conducted in Las Vegas at the West Coast National Championships and NBA Summer League.

As part of the promotion for Big Shot Basketball, Horry’s youth basketball team is going by the team name of Big Shot, and is wearing the videogame logo on their jerseys and warm-up gear, and are forming a core part of the players who will be testing and reviewing Big Shot Basketball prior to its launch.

“We received great feedback with our beta testing of Big Shot and the team looked great wearing the app logo,” says Trevor Doerksen, CEO of ePlay Digital. “Now we are ready to launch version 1 of the app as we and game players prepare for the upcoming NBA season.”

If Big Shot Basketball is successful, the developer has plans to expand the Big Shot title into a franchise which will cover other sports and leagues, such as NFL, NHL, soccer and MLB. The company are also planning some entertainment-related AR titles which will feature celebrities such as actors and social media influencers.

The official launch date for Big Shot Basketball is yet to be confirmed, and will be revealed in a separate announcement, but ePlay Digital says the title will be publicly available on the Apple App Store soon.

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