Akron Video Production Company Announces New Animation Studio

Red Point Digital, a video production company based in Ohio, have big plans for the creation of an animation studio which will concentrate on virtual reality (VR) and stop-motion animation. The proposal for the studio has already been awarded a Knight Arts Grant from the John S and James L Knight Foundation.

The proposal for the new studio was crafted by University of Akron associate professor Anthony Samangy and the founder of Red Point Digital, Eric Vaughan. The new animation studio has been named as Red Point VR Skunkwerkz, or Skunkwerkz for short.

“After winning the grant, the biggest challenge has been building the team and resources to make our dream happen. We really do feel that we can create a ‘Pixar of the Midwest’ as audacious as that sounds.” Says co-founder of Skunkwerkz Eric Vaughan. “But we have been very successful in our recruiting of talent. We will soon be announcing two new members of the team from the west coast both of which are recognized top talent in spherical video and VR production. It is a really exciting time for us!”

The Skunkwerkz team is currently working on its first stop-motion project called THE CAT. This will act as a test-piece for later 3D and VR films. Skunkwerkz have a slate of VR films planned, which included the VR re-imagining of THE CAT, a VR adaptation of a script from a University of Akron student and a stop-motion documentary featuring songwriter and musician Chuck Auerbach.

Adjacent to Skunkwerkz will be the community outreach and education program of The Akronstein Labs, which will function as a sign of the commitment that Red Point has towards the local community, particularly the University.

Further information can be found on the Red Point Digital website. As usual, VRFocus will keep you updated on developments in the VR industry.