VR World Offers Exhibit of Immersive Journalism

Journalism 360 will be curating an exhibit of immersive journalism at VR World in New York City.

A number of news outlets have started to work with immersive technology, such as 360-degree video or augmented reality (AR), in order to give readers and viewers a better idea of what is going on in the news. Among those who have embraced the technology are the BBC, the New York Times and National Geographic. Journalism 360 will be curating an exhibit of immersive journalism at VR World in New York City.

The exhibit will showcase narrative and prototype projects from the Journalism 360 Challenge, which will include projects such as “Damming the Nile” from the BBC, “The Deported” from JOVRNALISM and KCRW, and “Greenland Melting” from FRONTLINE/PBS and Emblematic Group along with the Pulitzer Prize-winning “The Wall” by The Arizona Republic and USA Today Network.


The 2017 Journalism 360 Challenge funded 11 projects to present them with the opportunity to experiment with new technology which could allow journalists to tell stories in new and more immersive ways.

“We’re thrilled to partner with VR World and give people an opportunity to see how journalism is experimenting with immersive technology,” said Laura Hertzfeld, Director of Journalism 360. “These projects can take you to the far reaches of the Nile or the melting ice caps or show you what life is like on the U.S.-Mexico border.”

“Partnering with Journalism 360 advances our mission of merging culture and technology and presenting the entire ecosystem of immersive entertainment that spans across gaming, film, education, and art,” said Tommy Goodkin, Head of Content at VR World. “It is an honor to work with creators who are demonstrating the potential of this medium, promoting inclusivity, and disrupting industry norms.”

From 24th July, 2018 until 31st August, 2018, the exhibit will be on view for visitors to VR World. VR World itself is a centre that seeks to push the boundaries of immersive entertainment and how it is accessed by the public.

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