VR Paragliding Experience ParadropVR Descends onto Brighton Palace Pier

Virtual reality (VR) arcades and location-based entertainment (LBE) venues seem to be the new way for companies and VR developers to make money from the technology. There are various avenues being tested and rolled out, from centres that feature several headsets setup, to open plan warehouse spaces offering free-roaming experiences. Frontgrid, a British specialist in global leisure and attractions, has created a VR paragliding experience called ParadropVR which is now open at Brighton Palace Pier.


VRFocus reported on ParadropVR coming to the UK back in April after it made its debut at Universe Science Park in Denmark this Spring. iFLY Indoor Skydiving had looked to be the first in the UK to offer the paragliding experience at its Basingstoke branch this summer, but has now been pipped to the post with Brighton Palace Pier offering guests the first chance to test the VR experience.

Located on the western side of Brighton Palace Pier, within the Fun Fair, ParadropVR has been brought to Brighton Palace Pier thanks to Immersivity. “This is a truly unique ride, that does something really special,” said Martin Howe CEO, Immersivity to blooloop. “The virtual-reality headset also offers incredible detail and movement. And, because you’re strapped into a suspended harness, just as you would be if you were paragliding, you feel like you’re genuinely flying. We’ve had people who literally can’t stop yelping and screaming as soon as they’re on the ride – which we think is a good indication of just how good this is.”

ParadropVR newimage

To make the experience as realistic as possible ParadropVR hooks guests into a paragliding harness where they can hold onto two handles to control their direction. The simulator can move up and down depending on air currents with players challenged to fly through targets which will gain them points. These go onto a score board so they can see how well they’ve done against other players.

ParadropVR is open to the public at Brighton Palace Pier. For any further updates on the rides deployment around the UK, keep reading VRFocus.