Virtual Reality Music Experience Riff VR Heads to Steam

IMEX Media have targeted rhythm games as in need of a a spot of innovation and change. So have set out to create a new type of rhythm-based music videogame for virtual reality with Riff VR which will let users experience tracks from renowned artists like Kiss and Lynyrd Skynyrd in a new way.

Riff VR lets users take on the role of a lead singer or play an instrument without needing any expensive peripheral controllers. The developers promise a level of realism not previously seen in other musical rhythm videogames.

In addition to the Riff VR experience on Steam, IMEX Media is also releasing the Riff AR smartphone companion app for iOS users which lets users create their own augmented reality (AR) music video using in-app camera tools and filters.

The current version of the title has over twenty hit tracks from familiar bands like Kiss, Lynryd Skynyrd, 3 Doors Down, Poison and .38 Special. The development team say its proprietary technology allows users to make playing guitar feel real without needing external accessories.

For the other members of the virtual band, IMEX Media have take motion captures of professionals musicians so players can feel like they really are jamming along with a real band.

“With this Riff VR/AR suite of products, we’ve given the power back to the player. No additional hardware needs to be purchased, no pre-set roles, no cover bands,” said Tony Shiff, CEO of IMEX Media. “Sing, jam on the guitar, play the drums, direct a music video with the AR app, etc. – it’s your journey to explore and enjoy on the road to becoming a rock legend.”

Riff VR is available on Steam for HTC Vive and Oculus Rift for $19.99 (USD) with a 30% launch discount available for the never seven days. The Riff AR app is available through the Apple app Store for $3.99.

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