Vikings: Beyond the Legend Exhibition Embraces Augmented Reality

History creates an exciting opportunities for immersive technology to really shine by allowing viewers to travel back in time and experience what life was like many years ago. Now a new new interactive exhibition that explores the people, traditions, and influences of the legendary Viking Age is making its North American debut. This includes an augmented reality (AR) element that will bring the exhibition to life.

Vikings: Beyond the Legend

The exhibition reveals fresh insights through the latest archaeological discoveries that show the evolution of the Vikings, offering a more accurate portrayal of them as skilled artisans farmers, traders,and explorers who made significant impact on the modern world. More than 600 treasured artifacts on loan from the National Museum of Denmark in Copenhagen and never before on display in the U.S. The exhibit is designed to go beyond the legends of the Vikings to showcase the true story of the voyagers who set sail from Scandinavia centuries ago.

Including in the exhibition are the preserved planks from the longest and most impressive Viking warship; the 122-foot Roskilde 6. 25% percent of the ship’s original planks are fitted into a steel frame designed to recreate its full length and form. Surrounded by a number of multimedia sound and light shows, this is where the AR element comes into play. This includes a rowing experience where visitors use a physical replica oar and test their ability to maintain the rowing cadence necessary to move a Viking ship.

Vikings: Beyond the Legend

“The Vikings have captivated imaginations all across the world and conquered popular culture. Their impact on transportation, navigation, politics, warfare, language and the map over the course of history was enormous,” said Larry Dubinski, President and CEO of The Franklin Institute. “Vikings is a spectacular exhibition that exposes not only who these explorers really were but also showcases their cultural influence, achievements, and inventions revealed through some fascinating recent archaeological discoveries. This is an exceptional collection of artifacts and experiences that will certainly satisfy our modern-day fascination with the Viking culture.”

The exhibition titled Vikings: Beyond the Legend, is being hosted at The Franklin Institute in Philadelphia from October 13th, 2018 through to March 3rd, 2019. For all the latest on the exhibition and more on AR in the future, keep reading VRFocus.