Unique Horror Title Stifled Announces PC Launch Date

Users of the PlayStation VR have got a fair few excellent horror titles to choose from in the library, including the likes of Resident Evil 7: Biohazard, The Inpatient and, of course, Stifled. Soon though, PC virtual reality (VR) users will be able to experience that horror for themselves, as the developers have announced the Steam launch date.

Stifled stands somewhat apart from other horror titles in that it uses an unusual mechanic. The player is trapped in a dark location, with sound being the only means of perceiving the environment. However, there is more lurking in the darkness that just spiders and rats, and those creatures have sensitive hearing.

Gattai Games began work on the title back in 2015, which came from the concept of a blind girl navigating though the environment using echoes. From there, the team realised that the sound-based mechanic was perfect for a horror-themed title, and Stifled gradually came into being.

The VRFocus team got their hands on a preview version of the title back in 2017, where it got a positive reception, saying: “Gattai Games has certainly created a title that builds a unique atmosphere that likely builds in longer play sessions. The downside to it all was the fact that apart form the echo location the demo really didn’t let you do a great deal, just a lot of wandering about.

Stifled definitely has a character all of its own. The concept plays with your mind in ways other horror experiences try and fail at – playing in a home environment will likely make that even more pronounced. An experience that just keeps you tense and on-edge isn’t enough however, so hopefully there’s more to uncover in the darkness.”

Stifled screenshot 2Stifled will be heading to Steam for HTC Vive and Oculus Rift on 10th July, 2018. Further information can be found on the Steam Store page. VRFocus will be sure to bring you further updates at they become available.