Throw Anything Leaves Early Access

When a zombie apocalypse happens in videogames it is usually up to the player to grab as many loud and powerful guns as possible to save the day. The virtual reality (VR) title Throw Anything, that is not the case. In this title you will need to use anything, and we mean anything, to keep those annoying zombies from climbing up to your apartment. The best part is that it is now out of Early Access and have finally released in full.

Throw Anything

Developed by Visual Light, this colorful end of the world title will immerse players in a fight to survive by making use of the only objects around them. You see the mysterious “Scientist X” has been up to no good and through laboratories throughout the world has unleashed a zombie virus. There is a way to stop the evil scientist and the hordes of zombies and so players will get missions from the Secret Delivery Agency (SDA) to collect some magical cubes and save the world.

Featuring fully destructable environments and plenty of times to interact with, players can smash up their furniture and use that as both an offensive or defensive weapon. It is also possible to throw NPC’s should you really be that short on weapons and there are still a number of firearms that can be used as well. Of course it wouldn’t be a battle against a crazy scientist with a zombie army without bosses to battle and there are plenty. Each of the six stages will include four mid level bosses and five major bosses to contend with.

Throw Anything

VRFocus’ Senior Staff Writer previewed Throw Anything while it was in Early Access saying: “The Early Access release includes five levels with a boss at the end of each. As development continues mid-level bosses are going to be added plus improved zombie AI, however it’s difficult to imagine that this will be enough to vary the gameplay. As is, Throw Anything comes across as a reasonably enjoyable time killer for those that want to spend 20-30 mins in VR.”

Now out of Early Access, Throw Anything is available on Steam for £6.50 (GBP) as a special launch discount until August 2nd, 2018 when the price will go up to the usual £9.29. It supports Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and Windows Mixed Reality headsets. For more on Throw Anything in the future, keep reading VRFocus.