Thor Brings The Hammer Down In 9 Minutes Of Marvel Powers United VR Gameplay

The last few weeks have seen a flood of news announcements sent VRFocus‘ way regarding Marvel Powers United VR. Strangely – and this is true – sent to us by Iron Man’s artificial intelligence (A.I) and user-interface F.R.I.D.A.Y. Which is actually pretty weird when you think about it. Then again, she does seem to act as your guide in the videogame, and is based on the character of Friday from the comics, who is a A.I. hologram which acts as Tony Stark’s secretary, so in that sense I guess F.R.I.D.A.Y. is behaving in character at least.

MARVEL Powers United VR GroupToday we’re continuing our run of gameplay videos showcasing characters in the title, and today our focus falls on the Asgardian god of thunder himself, Thor. Created by the legendary comicbook trio of Stan Lee, Larry Lieber and Jack Kirby, the Odinson first debuted in the Marvel universe in August 1962 as part of anthology title Journey into Mystery #83. While the Thor mantle can and has been passed down through the years, along with possession of the mighty hammer Mjolnir, the one in Marvel Powers United VR is most definitely the Son of Odin.

Thor has a number of different powers he can call upon in Marvel Powers United VR:

  • Hammer Slam: A large ground or air electrical attack that can be unleashed by building up lightning charge then gesturing.
  • Lightning Bolts: The hammer Mjolnir can, naturally enough, also fire lightning bolts. Players can also charge up this attack for a large blast of electrical power.
  • Hover Flight: The ability to hover above enememies in combat or through levels.
  • Lunge: While in flight or on the ground Thor can surge forward and deliver an area of effect (AOE) stun and damage attack.
  • Super Strength: Allows the use of environmental objects other characters might not be able to call upon and also is able to use incredible melee abilities.

Join the VRFocus team below as they do their best to clear the arena of enemies in a hectic battle of both laser fire, lightning bolts… and Deadpool. Expect more news about Marvel Powers United VR very soon, and yet more gameplay tomorrow.