The American Dream Celebrates Independence Day With New Patriotic Update

As the fireworks whistle through the sky, and American flags are unfurled across the USA in preparation for the celebrations of the 4th July, developer Samurai Punk are adding their own cheeky flavour to the festivities with an update to its satirical virtual reality (VR) shooter, The American Dream.

The American Dream is a darkly humorous parody of American culture and stereotypes. Set in an apparently idyllic World Fair, the title takes users through an on-rail exploration of gun culture by forcing players to attempt to complete everyday tasks like cooking using only a gun.

The new updates includes the ‘American Mode’ free for all users, which revels in patriotic pride and enjoy all things American, like gun, flags eagles, and of course, even more guns. The new update features a typical 4th July celebration, where players will need to use the only tool you ever need, he trust gun, to flip burgers on the barbecue, open a beer and light off fireworks.

VRFocus previously gave their verdict on The American Dream in a review, where it was said: “Yet this is a videogame about guns, and as such every interaction in the experience requires you to shoot something or at least hit it with a pistol. There’s no need to worry about ammo as the chair/cart that you’re sat in has an infinite amount of ammo. Once your gun is dry just hit the button on the arm rest and a slow motion sequence begins, firing a clip into the air for you to catch with the gun. It’s a novel mechanic that’s fun to begin with, but at certain points in the title when things get a little more frantic it can be slightly haphazard, missing clips if you don’t get the gun just so.”

The American Dream screenshot

The Trailer for the new update is available to view below. As always, VRFocus will continue to keep you informed on new updates and additions to VR titles and experiences.