Teaser Trailer Revealed for Evil Dead: Virtual Nightmare

Beloved cult horror classic Evil Dead was announced to be going virtual back in May. Now further details of what fans can expect from the upcoming virtual reality (VR) title along with a teaser trailer have been unveiled.

Boomdash Digital and Ghosthouse Entertainment have joined forces to bring the world of Evil Dead into VR with Evil Dead: Virtual Nightmare. The title is described as a VR ‘re-imagining’ of the original Evil Dead, which is said to be ‘Filled with gleeful gore and terrifying twists’.

Players will be thrown into the world of Evil Dead, where an ancient book has the power to call forth an evil force which results in you being trapped in a remote cabin in the woods. Players will be faced with hordes of demons and undead.

To fight against the threats they face, players will have access to a host of weaponry, including the iconic shotgun and chainsaw combination. Players will need to complete challenging missions given by the Book of the Dead and unlock charms and find new weapons in order to survive the experience and escape the cabin.

The new teaser trailer tantalises fans by presenting a narrow view of a blood-soaked wooden floor, which then pans across the show a machete, chainsaw and shotgun, all of which are similarly covered in gore. The camera then moves again to show an Oculus Go headset, before moving up to fix on the psychotically grinning face of one of the ‘Deadites’.

The developers have confirmed that the title will be in a first-person perspective, and has used graphics and camerawork meant to recreate the look and feel of the original movie. This means fans will be able to explore the iconic cabin and its surroundings in 360-degrees, complete with 3D spatial sound.

Boomdash Digital are also encouraging fans to check out its social media accounts for a competition which lets fans win branded merchandise.

The teaser trailer can be viewed below. Further news on Evil Dead: Virtual Nightmare will continue to be covered here on VRFocus.